About us

The Dutch word bijzonder means 'special, extraordinary'. And at Bijzonder, you'll find special dishes and extraordinary flavours.

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‘Are the sweets without refined sugar? What type of diary do you use? Do you use artificial flavourings or colourings? And where does your meat comes from?’ We are daily confronted with these kind of questions. Which is really obvious to us. People want to know what they’re eating, where their food comes from, and why it’s good for them nowadays. Even when they are eating out.

At Bijzonder you eat food made out of love. Love for good food. Love for healthy food. To us that means only homemade dishes, lots of vegetables, limited meat and fish, mostly organic, fair trade, free of refined sugars, no gluten and a lot of plant based diary. That means vegetarian and vegan lovers often visit us! No worries, we still serve a few meat and fish options for those who just can not get enough.

You can visit us for lunch and dinner from Thursday till Sunday. We serve breakfast* in the weekend.*(starts again in april)

For diner we serve menu’s that fit your mood. You can choose between 3 or 4 course. You decide yourself what dishes you would like to taste and if you would like to share this with your company.

Easy Going 3 courses €35,95
Adventurous 4 courses €39,95

Do you know that we change our menu once a season? Click here to see our current menu.

A big hearth for good and healthy food. A passion for adventure and discovering new things. A little bit pig-headed. A huge drive and an enormous love for gastronomy

My name is Dimitra, the creative brain behind Bijzonder. I’m raised in a family of two cultures. Because Mama has her roots in Greece. Me and my younger sister grew up in Geleen, the Netherlands, where I visited my yiayia, my grandmother, every day, who seemed to spend all her time cooking. The scent of spices and a warming oven beckoned me to come in through yiayia’s garden door. Yiayia missed her full-flavoured Greek vegetables, but the rest of the family certainly didn’t notice anything lacking from her dishes.

With my head for economics, I started working as a consultant after finishing my business degree. As I leaped from one project to another, I built up my knowledge of human resources. I enjoyed what I was doing, however, I missed passion for my profession. Passion was what I had when I was cooking at home. When I was working during weekends in different restaurants and bars next to my job. Passion was what I experienced during holidays, searching for the best food cafes. Or when I was reading the many, many, plenty of books about food. This all combined made me think of creating a place called Bijzonder.

I could not start Bijzonder without gathering a lot of insights. The most important point of change started during my travel abroad. Before I started Bijzonder I went traveling in South-East Asia for six months. It gave me the courage and confidence to work out my dreams in real life. And taught me to love insecurity and risks in stead of avoiding them.

Besides that I studied in Haarlem at Vlam In De Pan for one year. An education focussed on natural cooking. Besides basic learnings like cutting, blanch and steaming, Femke van den Heuvel taught me lectures in Macrobiotics, Ayurvedic cooking and the art of tast combinations. My backpack was filled with a lot of insights and experiences to start living my dream.

We go back to the basics. The gatherer-hunters had the right idea. Their food grew on trees and wasn't stuffed in plastic bags. Their vegetables weren't all the same perfect shapes. And meat was luxurious in stead of ordinary.

We use pure, honest products in our dishes – products that we get from local farmers and wholesalers as much as possible. That means our ingredients are fresh and don’t have a lot of food miles. The farmers we work with treat their products with love, and the wholesalers we work with are passionate about what they do.
We care about buying from growers who follow ethical, sustainable practices.

You can visit us for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Our pride is our home made bread. Don’t miss it when you visit us!