The cookbook

The icing on the ‘guilty-free’ cake. As part of the hospitality concept Bijzonder a cookbook can not be missed.

‘A Bijzonder point of view on tasty and healthy cooking with Dimi

Cooking is more than blindly copying a recipe or following cooking programs on TV. Cooking means thinking about the final artwork on your plate. In smell, in taste, in structure and in presentation. That you understand what is happening in your pan and what needs to be done to achieve a result. That you taste, really taste and adjust if the flavors are not yet in balance. That requires specific knowledge and you will find it in this cookbook.

With this cookbook I want to teach you, with my knowledge and experience as a professional chef, how to cook tasteful.
I show you how to invent and build recipes, how to taste and adjust. I want you to amaze yourself (and your family) with the healthy and responsible creations that you will eventually will create on your own.

Of course you will also find examples of a little more than 45 recipes that I have made at Bijzonder over the past few years. The recipes assist you in your own taste journey. They are there for all those times when you want to prepare food, guilty-free or when you want to put something Bijzonder on the table.

You buy Proef! easily online. Super fun to get. Even more fun to give!

Have fun cooking!

Note: this cookbook is written in Dutch. An English version is on our ‘ambition list’ 😉